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Who is my employer when working as a Contractor or Temporary Staff employee?
Blue Lynx is your employer.

What does this entail?
As a Contractor or Temporary Staff you are seconded to the client who then supervises and manages your work. Blue Lynx is responsible for your employment contract, payroll, leave administration, sick leave administration, pension (where applicable), timesheet administration, contract extensions and negotiations, travel reimbursement(s), deduction of social premiums and taxes. Blue Lynx is your representative at the client for all employment matters.

What does Blue Lynx require from me before I can start working as a Contractor or Temporary Staff?

  • Verified ID (passport, id card and or residence permit)
  • BSN number
  • Health insurance details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Bank account number
  • Employment history overview (when applicable)
  • References (when applicable)
  • Copies of diploma’s etc (when applicable)
  • Certificate of good conduct as part of their security clearance process (when applicable)

Who manages and supervises my work?
The company/organisation where you are seconded to manages and supervises your work. The exception to the rule is when Blue Lynx hires staff under a detacherings-contract. In this case Blue Lynx manages and supervises the project.

Which rules do I need to follow?
You are obliged to abide by the instructions, rules and regulations of the company/organisation where you are seconded to.

What are my working hours?
Working hours are stated in your employment contract. You will need to conform to the working hours of the company/organisation where you are seconded to before you start your secondment.   

Why do I have to complete and submit a timesheet?
This is a legal record of the hours worked. This is an integral part of the invoice that Blue Lynx submits to its client. Without this timesheet Blue Lynx is unable to issue an invoice. Furthermore, Blue Lynx processes all payroll in accordance to timesheets. An accurate timesheet results in a correct and timely payroll process.  

There is a discrepancy in my payroll
Blue Lynx administers sick pay deductions, over time payments, travel passes submitted later than the 19th of the month, and business travel expenses submitted later than the 19th of the month, within the next months payroll.

Why do I need to submit a leave request to Blue Lynx?
Blue Lynx is responsible for the administration of your leave requests (annual leave, special leave, etc).

What is the leave request procedure?
Prior to taking any leave you must:

  1. Request permission from your line manager/supervisor
  2. Be granted the hours/days requested
  3. Complete a leave request form which requires your line manager/supervisor
  4. Submit this to Blue Lynx HR for signature
  5. Kindly check the form before submitting to Blue Lynx

Please submit your leave request either by: PDF & email to HR@bluelynx.com
NOTE: Blue Lynx does not have an UNPAID LEAVE policy.

Are Dutch Public Holidays paid or non paid days?
Dutch public holidays are paid in full when they coincide with your normal working days.

i.e. When you are a part-timer working 3 days a week and Christmas and Boxing day coincide with the two days you do not work then you are not paid.

When I am entitled to Special Leave?

  • You are entitled to 16 hours per year of special leave for medical consultation(s) when you are employed full time on a 12 month contract. Otherwise it is calculated pro-rata
  • If leave of absence is necessary during working hours, Blue Lynx shall permit Contractors/Temporary Staff to take special leave, subject to prior request, in the following cases for a period not exceeding the duration applying to any one case:

A. For preliminary application formalities for the Employee’s own wedding

1 full day

B. On the occasion of the Employee’s wedding

 2 full days

C. When the Employee’s spouse gives birth

1 full day

D. On the occasion of the wedding of a child, brother, sister, parent or grandparent of the Employee

1 full day

E. On the 25th, 40th and 50th wedding anniversaries (and subsequently
every 5 years) of the Employee or Employee’s parents, grandparents or child

1 full day

F. On the death of the spouse of the Employee or of a child belonging to the family

Time of death up to and including the day of the funeral

G. On the death of either of the Employee’s parents

2 full days

H. On the death of one of the Employee’s grandparents, brother, sister, grandchild or child not referred to under F.

1 full day


Am I paid weekly or monthly?
Does Blue Lynx adhere to a CAO (Collective Employment Agreement)?
Yes, Blue Lynx adheres to the ABU Collective Employment Agreement for Temporary Employees and works in accordance to the system of Phases (Phase A, B, C). You can find a copy of the English text of this CAO by clicking on the following link (CAO in English). This forms an integral part of a Contractors and Temporary Staff employment contract. Please check this site for a thorough explanation of the Phase system.

Contractors and Temporary Staff are paid monthly. Payroll occurs at the end of each month.

Are there any payroll exceptions?
There are three exceptions to this rule:

  1. When Blue Lynx notices that your timesheet is continuously late, payroll is only released once your timesheet is received.
  2. On completion of your first month of employment you will only be payrolled once Blue Lynx has received an correctly filled in and authorised timesheet. Taking into consideration that timesheets are submitted at the end the month your payroll will be administered slightly later than all other months.
  3. On completion of employment payroll is made after your last timesheet has been received. This is due to rounding off your payroll i.e., accumulated vacation days/hours, overtime, travel passes and business travel expenses, and the deduction of sick days (wachtdagen) etc.

When will I receive my jaaropgave from Blue Lynx?
January is the month that all employers issue all employees with a jaaropgave (official annually salary statement). Should you have worked for more than one employer during the previous year you will receive a jaaropgave from each employer.
NOTE: The jaaropgaves are only issued once. Make sure you keep them in a safe place.

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve a new password?
Click here to request a new password for your Blue Lynx online account.

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